West Virginia

Code Section
18-8-1, et seq.

Age Requirements
Between 6 and 16

Enrolled in private, parochial, or other approved school; instruction in home; physical/mental incapacity; residence over 2 miles from school or school bus route; conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous; child has graduated; work permit granted for students who have completed 8th grade; serious illness or death in family; destitution in the home

Home School Provisions
Notice given; records kept; if child’s education is suffering or for another compelling reason, superintendent may seek court order denying home instruction; instructor must have graduated high school or had formal education 4 yrs. higher than the most advanced student; child must take standardized test

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
First offense: $50 to $100 and cost of prosecution; subsequent offense: $50–100 fine plus 5 to 20 days jail; each absent day is separate offense

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