Code Section
Educ. ยง25.085, et seq.

Age Requirements
Between 6 and 18

Child is 16, and in a course of instruction as recommended by a public agency with custody of child; child is 17 and has a high school certificate; enrolled in private or parochial school which includes a course in good citizenship; handicapped child or child with mental condition making attendance infeasible; child enrolled in Texas Academy of Leadership in Humanities or Texas Academy of Math and Sciences; is expelled

Home School Provisions
Children taught in bona fide manner from curriculum designed to meet basic education goals (Texas Educ. Agency v. Leeper 893 S.W. 2d 432 (1994))

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
Warn parent in writing; on noncompliance, file complaint against parents for offense of Class C misdemeanor; each day constitutes separate offense

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