Code Section
Tit. 24 §§13-1326, et seq.

Age Requirements
Between 8 and 17

Graduated high school; 15 and with approval, child may enroll in private trade school; enrolled in home education program pursuant to Tit. 24 §13-1327.1 or private school; physical/mental defects rendering education impracticable; 16 and lawfully employed; 15 and engaged in farming or domestic service or 14 if engaged in same having achieved highest elementary grade; resides over 2 miles from nearest public highway, school or free public transportation is not furnished

Home School Provisions
File annual notice with a notarized affidavit of various information including proposed education objectives and immunization record; evaluation by teacher or administrator; minimum course requirements at each educational level; portfolio of records and materials

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
Up to $300, together with costs and upon default of payment subjected to county jail up to 5 days

Inside Pennsylvania