New Mexico

Code Section
22-12-1, et seq.; 22-8-2M

Age Requiremets
5 years to age of majority as defined in 28-6-1 (21)

Private school, home school, or state institution; graduated from high school; 17 years old and employed in gainful trade or occupation or engaged in alternative form of education sufficient for the person’s educational needs and the parent/guardian consents; consent of parent/guardian if resident and under 8 years old; unable to benefit because of learning disabilities, mental/physical/emotional condition

Home School Provisions
Means of meeting requirement of compulsory education

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
1st offense: petty misdemeanor, $25 to $100 fine or community service; 2nd and subsequent: petty misdemeanor, up to $500 fine or up to 6 months jail

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