Code Section
Educ. ยงยง48200, et seq.; 48400; 48293

Age Requirements
Between 6 and 18; unless otherwise exempted, persons 16 to 18 must attend special continuation education classes

Children attending private schools; child being tutored by person with state credential for grade being taught; children holding work permits (subject to compulsory part-time classes); child of 15 may take a leave of absence for supervised travel, study, training, or work not available to the student under another education option if certain conditions are met; illegal aliens (under Proposition 187 under judicial attack)

Home School Provisions

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
Guilty of an infraction; 1st conviction: fine up to $100; 2nd conviction: fine up to $250; 3rd or subsequent convictions: fine up to $500; in lieu of any fines, court may order person placed in parent education and counseling program

Inside California