Code Section
14.30.010, et seq.

Age Requirements
Between 7 and 16

Comparable education provided through religious or private school or tutoring; attends school operated by federal government; child has physical/mental condition making attendance impractical; child is in custody of court or law enforcement officer; child is temporarily ill or injured, resides over 2 miles from a route for public transportation, or has completed the 12th grade or is suspended or denied admittance under 14.30.045; child is enrolled in an approved correspondence study or is well-served by an educational experience of another kind that is approved

Home School Provisions
Tutoring by personnel certified according to ยง14.20.020 who holds bachelor’s degree from accredited institution among other requirements

Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance
Knowing noncompliance is violation with fine up to $300; every 5 days of noncompliance is separate violation

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