Keeping Current on New Developments in Your State

Compulsory education laws and their impact on home schooling are subject to frequent changes in any jurisdiction. New laws passed by the legislature, administrative regulations handed down by those state agencies given the responsibility over educational matters, and new court decisions can all affect parents who educate their children at home. Organizations, especially the Home School Legal Defense Association, monitor closely new developments at the state and federal level. In addition, every state now has web sites where you can access recent court decisions as well as the code of laws for that jurisdiction. Many states have also made their code of administrative regulations available to the public. These materials are generally searchable by key words in court decisions, administrative regulations, and the code of laws. The best way to access these kinds of materials for a particular state is to log on to A number of links will appear that pertain to different categories of materials. Click on “State Resources” and separate links for each state will appear. A breakdown for each state will direct you to those separate links for the state code of laws, recent court decisions, and administrative regulations.

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