Acceptable Use Policies

Districts that do offer e-mail accounts to students have found that establishing an “acceptable-use” policy is essential to maintaining good “netiquette” among students. An acceptable-use policy begins by setting ground rules for when and how students can use the Internet and e-mail. Typically, students are expected to use appropriate language, to avoid off-limit sites and chat rooms, and to refrain from misuse of e-mail, such as spamming (sending unsolicited mass postings to hundreds of e-mail addresses). Students are also prohibited from using Internet information inappropriately (for example, downloading term papers or plagiarizing from web sites). Students are advised that the school has the right to review all electronic correspondence to ensure compliance with the established rules, and anyone violating those rules can be disciplined. For serious or repeat offenses, a student’s Internet privileges can be revoked. Both students and parents are usually required to sign the acceptable-use policy.

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